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The Call to Serve


Monitor Enrichment  Program (MEP) provides quality afterschool childcare services for families and children in Ben Hill County.  Our services support parents and provide supervision, educational and social activites to enrich the lives of their children. 


MEP teaches and encourages participants to strive for EXCELLENCE  in their academic career and life. 


MEP was founded during the summer of 1997 by local retired educators, Mrs. Bernice Street, and the late Mrs. Edwina Jordan.  Having lived, worked, and raised children in the community, our founders understood the childcare challenges experienced by families and the need for a resource that would offer the children of our community opportunities to learn and enhance their social skills.


       The dream of our founders continues to live and flourish in Ben Hill County. 



The Late Mrs. Edwina Jordan and Mrs. Burnice Street


Enjoy pictures highlighting our children and the MEP experience by clicking on the Activities Link. 


Contact Information:


Monitor Enrichment Program

600 South Monitor Drive    

P.O.B. 804   

Fitzgerald, GA  31750

229-426-5057 / 229-425-5600



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